True Animal Stories

This is a story about a dog named Cinder. He saved a little boy It is true.

When a little boy named Frankie Honeycutt heard noises outside early in the morning, he thought it was a fairy. He thought it was a fairy because the night before, his babysitter read him a story about a fairy. So Frankie went outside thinking he could save the fairy. Cinder, his dog, saw Frankie go out, so she decided to follow him. Frankie just kept walking and walking while Cinder followed him. Then suddenly Frankie noticed he was getting lower and lower. Then Cinder figured out Frankie was in quick sand! Cinder quickly jumped in, and just kept kicking to prevent him from going down. Then, he let Frankie grab onto his collar. Cinder went to a stick so he can grab on it. Then, Cinder and Frankie were out! Frankie got very hungry and spotted something. He said “MMM, these look just like the ones mommy always gives me for dinner. You want some Cinder?” Then, Cinder sniffed it. He quickly took it and threw it to the ground! Cinder kept doing it every time Frankie tried to eat it. Finally, Frankie just put it in his pocket. Soon, Cinder pushed Frankie out of the way.Then Frankie was about to yell when suddenly, he hard a “SSS” Frankie looked it was a snake. Then Cinder started to attack the snake! The snake kept trying to get Cinder back but Cinder was able to dodge. Finally, the snake got Cinder on the foot and left. Cinder was bleeding. Then Frankie heard people calling his name. It was an officer. they took Frankie and Cinder home. They also took Cinder to the vet. The vet said The snake that bit Cinder was a cottonmouth. Back home Frankie told his parents everything. Then, took out what he wanted to eat before. His mother asked “What’s that?” Frankie told her what happen. It turned out what Frankie wanted to eat was poisonous! THE END


2 thoughts on “True Animal Stories

  1. Hi Sam,
    What an incredible dog! I really enjoy your retell of this story. I especially liked your use of punctuation and quotation marks. You did a great job!
    🙂 Grace

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