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Are you Grasshopper or Ant?

Here’s a story I read with my class at school today: There was this grasshopper who always loved playing and making music. One day, Grasshopper was playing and accidentally jumped in Ant’s pile of wheat that he gathered. “You need to be more careful! I spent all day gathering the food.! Now I have to start all over. Plus, you should be gathering food too. It’s almost winter, and you have to start gathering food. If you don’t, you won’t be able to find food in the winter. ┬áIt will be too cold and the snow will be covering all the food.” said Ant.” It’s fine.I can just keep playing. When it gets too chilly, I can just move to a place where it is warm.” Grasshopper said. Soon, it was winter. It was so cold! Thick blankets of snow covered the landscape! Crystals of snow drifted through the open sky. Grasshopper was shivering and hungry. He said “Maybe Ant can help me.” Grasshopper knocked on Ant’s door. As soon as Ant opened the door, grasshopper asked “WIll you give me some of the food you gathered if I played you a song?” Ant replied “Yes. I’ve been working so much. I think it’s time I have some rest and some fun.Come in!”

Lesson: There is time to play and time to work.

What do you think is the author’s purpose?

Do you think you’re like Grasshopper or Ant? Are you a little bit of both? Explain why you think what you think?