My Random Acts of Kindness Reached China!


Guess what? In China, a third grade class from Canadian International School of Beijing (C.I.S.B) has read my blog! I am very elated I was able to inspire them in a positive way for they have read my random acts of kindness and wanting to do it themselves.

I used to go to C.I.S.B so I know how wonderful that school is. The class has been learning about blogging so the teacher, Mrs. McCallum, together with her class interviewed me on Skype. I was asked such intelligent questions. So I’m sure they will be able to have a very nice blog of their own.

They were able to go around the school spreading random acts of kindness. Some of the kind things they’ve done are putting some goodies in teachers’ mailboxes and making sure they use kind words to each other. To read more about what this third grade class is doing, click the link towards the end of my post.

Can you imagine if we can spread kindness all over the world?



Some photos during the Skype interviewImage


Here’s the link to the school’s website where you’ll find more information.

G3 McCallum’s class with “12 Days of Kindness”




4 thoughts on “My Random Acts of Kindness Reached China!

  1. We really enjoyed our Skype interview with you Sam. We’ve learned a lot from you! We have been keeping up with our Random Acts of Kindness and our bulletin boards is filled with great examples! Thanks for inspiring us and for taking the time to teach us about creating your own blog. You’re an amazing person!
    The Grade 3 Superstars

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