Story Time

As I said,  do well in school. Each day, I will add a new story that I wrote all by myself. Here it goes, my very first story.

One day, a mom gave each of her little kids chrysalis. The first butterfly that came out of its chrysalis was Cameron’s. Cameron let it crawl on his hand when the butterfly’s wings were still wet. The butterfly got so used to it, when the wings were already dry, it didn’t even want to fly. The next one was the girl’s named Sam.  When her butterfly’s wings got dry, it started to fly. But, then they put it back in a box where they put lots of leaves and poked a lot of holes out. The third butterfly didn’t come out of its chrysalis yet. So they opened the box, opened the door………. to give it some sunlight, and………………….. FLAP-FLAP-FLAP! Sam’s butterfly flew out. She cried so hard. But then there was one thing she left out. It looked as if her butterfly looked back at her while she was crying. So now, every day, she always sees a butterfly following her. Looking like it really knew her.            THE END

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