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Do Your Laundry

We were asked to write a persuasive paper. I chose to write about kids doing the laundry because I thought it would be easy. I already had reasons why children should do their laundry. Enjoy reading!


School Uniform #3

Good morning! I had a delicious breakfast today. It was Filipino food called longganisa with some rice. I’m ready for the day! It is parent-teacher conference day at my school. Have a great day everyone!

School Uniform #1

At my school, we are required to wear school uniform. You can wear any of the following colors for the top: red, gray, or white. For the bottom, you can either wear khaki or blue. This week, I’ll be showing you some of my school uniforms. What do you think of school uniforms?



Red Shirt: Gap   Sweater: Children’s Place    Pants: Circo

Cake Pop is Delish!

Mmmm! I love Starbuck’s birthday cake pops. It’s vanilla cake with pink coating and sprinkles. I love it because it’s not too sweet and it’s really moist. The color is also really pretty. When my dad and mom get their coffee, I get my cake pop. If you haven’t, you should try it, it will really feel like it’s your birthday!