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Happy Easter!



My Busy Weekend

I had such a busy weekend! On Saturday, I had to go to my extracurricular activity at 4:00. ¬†Then, I went to a restaurant for my Girl Scouts. ¬† I ate there, learned about table manners, and earned a pin. You can see a picture of my pin below. That night, I went to my grandma’s house. I collected dried flowers and leaves. Then, I glued them together in a really nice way. The next day, I had to wake up early for my Sunday class. You know, you have to attend classes and learn about God in order to receive your first communion. I then had to go to mass. Plus, it was my two older brother’s first communion. I will get mine in May. That’s how busy my weekend was! How about you, did you have a busy weekend?

This is what I wore to church today.


My brothers and my my baby cousin wore something special today.


My Girl Scouts pin


My art work using dried flowers and leaves