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My First Communion

Remember the time I told you about my first reconciliation? Well, the main reason I had a reconciliation was to receive my first communion.  It is the time when you receive the body and blood of Christ. The body is a piece of bread that is dry. The blood is wine which really has no alcohol. It is the kind of wine made especially for church! Before the big day, we had to practice in Sunday school. The only thing that was different was that the bread and wine weren’t blessed. The mass began with all of us walking down the aisle with our praying hands. During the mass, I was one of the 5 kids who read the  Prayers of the Faithful in front of everybody who attended the mass! After mass was done, I felt so much closer to God and Jesus. It was a very special day!

My veil


This is what I wore to the communion.

This is the gift my parents gave me for my first communion. It was also blessed by the priest during the mass.


My Busy Weekend

I had such a busy weekend! On Saturday, I had to go to my extracurricular activity at 4:00.  Then, I went to a restaurant for my Girl Scouts.   I ate there, learned about table manners, and earned a pin. You can see a picture of my pin below. That night, I went to my grandma’s house. I collected dried flowers and leaves. Then, I glued them together in a really nice way. The next day, I had to wake up early for my Sunday class. You know, you have to attend classes and learn about God in order to receive your first communion. I then had to go to mass. Plus, it was my two older brother’s first communion. I will get mine in May. That’s how busy my weekend was! How about you, did you have a busy weekend?

This is what I wore to church today.


My brothers and my my baby cousin wore something special today.


My Girl Scouts pin


My art work using dried flowers and leaves