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The Amazing Papa!


Lovable. The dictionary defines it as someone or something that is easy to love because of their amazing qualities. Who in your life is lovable? For me, my grandpa comes in mind! But, since saying grandpa makes my grandpa feel old, I get to call him papa! 

Papa is lovable because of his amazing qualities. One of those amazing qualities is being full of fun and games! He even has a silly nickname for me, Ichibane! Which means my #1 in Japanese, according to him. Plus, he never seems to get tired of me laughing in pain. Oh, that guy always tickles me till my tummy aches! Papa always has a huge smile on his face!

Knowing my papa, whenever we visit him, I already know what he’ll be wearing! He’ll be wearing clothes, cowboy style! He’s always got a giant cowboy hat with a checkered shirt and khaki pants. But, you can never forget his suspenders. He’d also be sitting in his giant red recliner that’s right in front of the T.V. which is where he makes me lie down so he can tickle me! But I usually see him relaxing in that recliner.

Besides acting and wearing silly stuff, I know for sure my papa is hardworking. When he isn’t snoring in the living room, he is outside building something out of old objects. For example, my dad said he turned an old fridge into a grill and he filled a coffee container with coins to make a dumb bell! Either that, or he is at work taking care of elderly people. That’s right, my papa isn’t that old yet, even though he already has to take off his teeth and place it in a cup of water before he goes to bed.

My papa is always silly and hardworking, which makes him papa! But don’t worry! He is still alive! The only problem is that he’s living on the other side of the world! But no matter the distance, he’ll always be my Ichiban!