Art Camp

I went to a camp for 1 week. I had so much fun! I was friends with everyone in the camp. The four pictures below are some of the artwork I created in the camp. I said some, there’s a lot more! This kind of art is called print-making. First, I took a glass plate. Then I chose about four different colors of paint. (I squirted it out on a bigger glass plate) You know those rollers that you use to paint the walls? Well, that’s what I used to paint. Next, I got leaves and painted them with different colors. I also painted some objects and stamped them on my glass plate to create shapes. Finally, my teacher helped me get my paper through a screen printing equipment. After that, I would wait for it to dry. On the final day (Friday). I stamped some other shapes for finishing touches. 



One thought on “Art Camp

  1. You are very creative- your art work is lovely. It sounds like camp was a good experience. My daughter always loved going to camp each summer.
    I love seeing the pictures of you and your family on facebook. Give everyone a big hug from me please and keep posting!

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