Want to Call or Text for FREE?

I got an iTouch for my 8th birthday last year. I love it! But there’s one thing missing, I couldn’t call or text. In my family, I’m the only one who doesn’t have a phone yet. I’m really excited to have my own. Then, one night, one of my brothers helped me look for an app where I can actually call and text. We found one! It really works! It’s really cool because I can call or text, whenever I have wiFi, for free! I just wanted to tell you guys because you might find it helpful. I told my aunt and uncle about it and they downloaded it too. If you have iPod or iPad, download the app, and then you can start calling for free! You will also get your own phone number! Enjoy your new app!

App: TextNow


2 thoughts on “Want to Call or Text for FREE?

  1. Thanks Sam! Brianna is going to be SO excited about this!!! She got an iPod touch, too, and will love to be able to call on it! It’s being fixed right now, but when she gets it back she will call you!

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