I ♥ Puppies

I got a brand new book! It’s called I Love Puppies. I love this book! It even comes with a beautiful bracelet that has charms in the shape of a heart and a paw. It tells me their breeds and I can take a quiz to see what kind of dog I should get.  It’s divided into 5 sections. The sections are A Little About Dogs,  Puppy Fashion (which shows me how to make cute outfits for your puppy), Tricks and Treats (which shows me how to teach my dog to do really cool tricks, plus recipes), Doggy Jokes and Games (which says jokes and fun games I can do) and The Puppy Gallery (it’s where I can glue/tape pictures in the book). I love, love, love this book sooooooooo much!

Unfortunately, my puppy is back in my home country. Her name is Trixie. I miss, miss, miss her so much! It’s a white, fluffy Sharpei.  

I will blog the information that’s in my book. So, if you want to teach your puppy tricks, have fun, and show your love then check my blog often!

ImageTrixie & I at my grandma’s house.


I ♥ Puppies


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