About Me

Hi, I’m Samuelle. You can call me Sam for short by the way. I’m a model. The pictures above are some of the shoots I had. I have a loving family. I am the youngest. I have two older brothers, a mother, and a father. I love school. But reading and science are my favorite subjects. It’s March 4, 2012. The other day, I got a letter from a gifted and academically talented school. So, I took a test there to see if I can go to that school. So guess what! I got accepted! I am so glad. My brothers said they think I’m going to be rich when I grow up. Why? They said it’s because I have a good education. I hope you guys have  a good education too! That’s a little stuff happening in my life. Time to go, Bye!


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow Sam! It sounds like you have been a very busy girl lately! Congratulations on being accepted to this school. It sounds fantastic! I’m excited that you have a blog and to read more entries!
    Hugs from beijing,

    • Yeah, I have been a very busy girl! Thank you for congratulating me! You’re one of the first ones who actually commented on my blog. XOXO Love and truly Sam

  2. Congratulations Sam! A good education is a must. I am excited that this is important to you.
    Kudos to having great parents guiding you. We will meet one day. In the mean time, stay on track.
    Aunt M

  3. Sam, I’m so happy to see you blog. I hope to see you guys again soon. Your model shoots are always cool to see. So fancy! I hope you post more and tell us about the new school. – Tita jenni.

  4. Hi Sam,
    So glad to read your blog. It’s a great learning experience. Congratulations on your new school. How did Cameron and Steffanno do when they wrote their test?

    • Thank you, Mrs. Chedore. Cameron got in too. Steffanno’s hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. The boys might not go to that school though because it’s too far from our place and mom and dad said they just learned that the school has bad reviews.

  5. We love your blog, Sam! Hope you are doing great and that we can see you more over the summer!
    Tiffany and Brianna

  6. you look to cute cant wate to see you agin by the way I put your pick as my backgrond you are that cute you are such a good FRIEND XOXOXOXOXOXOXO love krista

    P.S Did I menchen YOU ROCK! SAM

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