A Funny Competition

Guess what? I am starting a competition! The competition is all about being funny and having fun. The goal is to be the funniest. Whoever can make the best and funniest joke wins! I want it to be hilarious!

Here is one of my jokes:
Why do seagulls fly over the sea?

A: Because if they flew over the bay they would be called bagels!

I can’t wait to see who the true jokester is! Good luck and have fun!

Help My School?

It is time for our school’s fundraiser. We are selling gourmet cookies this year! If you live in Dallas and love cookies, you might be interested to buy from me. One box costs $16.00.

You may choose all the kinds of cookies you like and they will all be in a box. The pre-portioned cookie dough will be delivered frozen for freshness. One box contains 3 lbs. of cookies.

Here are your choices:

Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Sugar, Sugar, Chocolate Chip Pecan, Lemon, Coconut Pecan, Double Chocolate, White Chocolate/Macademia, Rainbow Party Cookie, Pumpkin Puff, Raspberry/White Choc. Macademia, and Cherry Jubilee.

You can also order sconesants or dessert bars.

Your choices are:

Cranberry/White Chocolate Cream Sconesant, Tropical Hawaiian Sconesant, Blueberry/Lemon Cream Sconesant, Seven Layer Bar, and Fudge-Nut Brownie.

They all sound good, don’t they? My family and I are buying some chocolate chip, chocolate chip pecan, double chocolate, and favorite ones: cinnamon sugar and fudge-nut brownie.

This makes me hungry! If you would like to order, please email my mom sheryllorbase@yahoo.com and we will deliver the cookies to your door. Last day of order is on March 1st. Cookie dough arrives on March 26th.




My Random Acts of Kindness Reached China!


Guess what? In China, a third grade class from Canadian International School of Beijing (C.I.S.B) has read my blog! I am very elated I was able to inspire them in a positive way for they have read my random acts of kindness and wanting to do it themselves.

I used to go to C.I.S.B so I know how wonderful that school is. The class has been learning about blogging so the teacher, Mrs. McCallum, together with her class interviewed me on Skype. I was asked such intelligent questions. So I’m sure they will be able to have a very nice blog of their own.

They were able to go around the school spreading random acts of kindness. Some of the kind things they’ve done are putting some goodies in teachers’ mailboxes and making sure they use kind words to each other. To read more about what this third grade class is doing, click the link towards the end of my post.

Can you imagine if we can spread kindness all over the world?



Some photos during the Skype interviewImage


Here’s the link to the school’s website where you’ll find more information.

G3 McCallum’s class with “12 Days of Kindness”



Random Act of Kindness #12

Every Sunday I go to church. At the church, there is an area where you can light a candle,   make a wish or say your prayer, but you have to make an offering to do that. I know that other people love to light candles but not have any money. So, as a random act of kindness, I left a bag that contained $1 and a note. It said “Light a candle and say your prayer. Please enjoy this random act of kindness.”




I started my random act of kindness on 12/12/12. Today is my 12th random act of kindness, it is the day before Christmas Eve. I hope, somehow, I was able to inspire some of you to do some random acts of kindness. May the spirit of Christmas be with you all throughout the year.